Philippine Standard Time:

Today, 05 June 2014, the atmosphere in the AMOSUP Convention Hall was filled with joy, honor and gratification as one by one the scholars of the Workers’ Organization Development Program (WODP) who graduated on school year 2013-2014 were awarded their certificates, recognized and seen as future leaders in their respective fields. 

Achievement was the focus of the BLR Chief’s message to the graduates as he congratulates the scholars for surviving the academic challenge. He also poses the same challenge to the existing scholars and be like their predecessors. “Be like these graduates. Be inspired. Persevere. Make use of your own potentials. Reach this point and succeed.”, OIC-Director Benjo Santos M. Benavidez said.

This year’s ceremony recognizes eleven (11) beneficiaries coming from different colleges who have willed their way to finishing their studies and making BLR, their parents and the labor organizations proud for sponsoring them.

The graduates namely, Christian M. Capuli (Polytechnic University of the Philippines-BS Computer Science); John Leo Arnaiz (Jose Rizal University Mandaluyong-BS Computer Engineering); Mark Leo A. Gillab (Philippine Maritime Institute, Manila-Marine Transportation); Pauline G. Cornello; (Polytechnic University of the Philippines-Information, Communication Management Technology); Jan Arwin N. Bagtas (Don Bosco College, Canlubang-Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education in Mechanical Technology); Nenia B. Batitis (First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities-BS Tourism); Karen A. Entredicho (Lyceum of the Philippines, Laguna-BS Tourism Management); Brenn Jayson P. Mayuga (Criminal Justice College-BS Criminology); Ana Katrina A. Ramsay (Malayan Colleges, Laguna – BA Communication-Multimedia Arts); Glaire Camille G. Redado (Asian Institute of Computer Studies-Business Information Management); and John Albert R. Rosal (St. Vincent College of Cabuyao-BS Information Technology), accompanied by their proud parents as they are awarded their certificates by OIC-Director Benavidez and Ms, Marivic T. Villa, the Division Chief where the WODP was lodged.

The graduates expressing their gratitude for the opportunity to finish their studies and how they are on the verge of fulfilling their dreams equipped and fortified with the education they received. Moreover the sponsor organizations represented by Mr. Butch Pena of AGLO and Ms. Rebecca Abelong of DFA-KMU expressed their support for the WODP and to the BLR as the program manager.

WODP is still accepting applications for scholarship grants. The program was launched in September 1994 pursuant to the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) mandate to strengthen trade unionism and other labor organizations by providing accessible information facilities, training, educational and livelihood assistance.

All in all, the WODP Scholars Recognition Day not only gave credit to the graduates. It also inspired the on-going scholars to persevere and achieve their dreams.