Philippine Standard Time:

Federations come together for a series of orientations on the Labor Law Compliance System (LLCS). Nine orientation seminars will be jointly conducted by the Bureau of Labor Relations (BLR) and the Bureau of Working Conditions (BWC) from October to November 2014.

The LLCS is a major reform program of the Department pursuant to the directive of President Benigno S. Aquino III to ensure compliance with regulations through strengthening of the enforcement system and its mechanisms. Recognized as a revolutionary measure transforming the country’s labor inspectorate system, the Philippines was recognized by the International Labour Organization as the first country in the world to move its labor inspectorate system from the traditional “police-like” regulatory approach toward a combination of developmental and regulatory approaches.

The basis of the compliance system is DOLE Department Order No. 131, series of 2013 which is an integrated framework of voluntary compliance and enforcement of labor laws and social legislations. Through its Labor Laws Compliance Officer (LLCOs), it offers free information and technical assistance for ease of compliance to: (1) inculcate a culture of compliance with labor laws; (2) ensure fair, expeditious and non-litigious settlement of disputes; and (3) strengthen or advocate for plant-level compliance mechanism and tripartism. The number of LLCOs increased to 574 with the additional 372 new positions created. These LLCOs utilized the use of technology with budget for gadget-based electronic checklist for real-time data collection for LLCS-Management Information System, an online, web-based application.

Integral to the success of the compliance program is the advocacy to capacitate the stakeholders on the LLCS and its approaches or modalities in order to cultivate a culture of voluntary compliance at the plant-level. Hence, the scheduled orientation-seminars are being conducted with the stakeholders. The major stakeholders are federations. These are groups of legitimate labor unions in a private establishment organized for collective bargaining concerning terms and conditions of employment for their member unions, or for participating in the formulation of social and employment policies, standards and programs. About 56% of unions are affiliated with a federation thereby providing the Department with reliable partners to cascade the LLCS up to the grass-root level.

With more stakeholders being acquainted with LLCS, the Department inches closer to its goal of achieving decent and productive work while the country is sustaining its overaching goal to promote industrial peace.