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ARU-MAU Mandates and Functions
  1. Formulates policies, programs, standards, procedures, manuals of operation and guidelines pertaining to settlement of intra-inter union disputes including representation cases;
  2. Assists in the exercise of the Bureau’s technical supervision over its counterpart units in the regional offices;
  3. Reviews appeals from orders or decisions of Med-Arbiters in the regional offices and recommends appropriate decisions;
  4. Coordinates with the Office of the Solicitor-General and other offices concerned through the Legal Service in the preparation of comments and other relevant pleadings on decision of the Bureau which may be elevated to the Supreme Court and;
  5. Circuiting Med-Arbiters, AO 212 Series of 2004;
  6. Members of Special Action Team on Legal Issues and Concerns before Regular courts (SATLIC-RC), AO 211, Series of 2004;
  7. Performs such other functions as may be provided by law or as may be assigned by the Secretary.

ARU-MAU Personnel

Atty. Juevanrey A. Narisma Mediator-Arbiter
Atty. Ramon A. Saura III Mediator-Arbiter
Atty. Abigail R. Dela Rosa Mediator-Arbiter
Atty. Argyle Karen L. Bajas Mediator-Arbiter
Atty. Joharic A. Maligaya Mediator-Arbiter
Rhodora T. Lirio Administrative Assistant III (Stenographic Reporter II)
Patrick C. Figueroa Administrative Assistant III (Secretary II)

Contact No.: 8527-3585 (Telefax)