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This Employment Guide for Students and Jobseekers contains relevant information on many basic situations in every phase of the job cycle or entrepreneurial or practice of profession cycle in a simplified question-and-answer format. Information is presented in a categorized manner based on the phases of every cycle.

Students and jobseekers have a choice in determining the type of employment they would want to be engaged in. They may opt to apply for wage employment locally or abroad. They may want to be self-employed by establishing their own business. They may also want to avail first of a training or scholarship that would enable them to acquire knowledge or skills and to fulfill the qualification requirements of their desired job.

These options are all explored in the students’ or jobseekers’ situational and first-person perspective.

The Guide is also complete with the latest contact details (including websites and hotlines) of all concerned agencies for easy access to all the needed information.

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To download the PDF copy of the Employment Guide for Students and Jobseekers Handbook, right click here and choose “save as”.