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POPDEV Mandates and Functions
    1. Formulates, analyzes and develops policies and programs, particularly on the:
            • existing relations between employers and employees in the Philippines;
            • growth of associations of employees and the effect of such associations upon employer-employee relations;
            • extent and results of the methods of collective bargaining in the determination of terms and conditions of employment;
            • methods which have been tried by employers and associations of employees for maintaining mutually satisfactory relations;
            • desirable industrial practices which have been developed through collective bargaining and labor-management cooperation schemes for settling differences;
            • possibilities for the adoption of practical and effective methods of labor-management cooperation;
            • any other aspects of employer-employee relations concerning the promotion of harmony and understanding between the parties; and
            • relevance of labor laws and labor relations to national development.
    1. Initiates development of programs to encourage workers and employers to set bi/tripartite mechanisms for open communication, information, responsibility sharing and joint decision making;
    2. Assists in the exercise of the Bureau’s technical supervision over the Division’s counterpart in the regional offices;
    3. Formulates and designs coherent labor and management education programs/ projects geared at improving the knowledge, skills and attitudes of all sectors;
    4. Recommends projects and research studies to support the formulation and implementation of labor-management relations policies and programs;
    5. Prepares annual research agenda;
    6. Coordinates and maintains linkages with other divisions, inter-agency committee on research matters, research centers and related institutions;
    7. Strengthens coordination and linkages within the Department and other government offices for an exchange of information on programs relevant to labor relations;
    8. Establishes and maintains linkages with government and non-government agencies in its areas of concern;
    9. Provides technical assistance and supervision to Division’s counterparts in DOLE regional/field offices in the areas of concern and specialization; and
    10. Performs such other functions as may be provided by law or as may be assigned by the Secretary.

POPDEV Personnel

Glorializa V. Delos Santos

Chief Labor and Employment Officer
Joycelyn Amazona-Lacopia Supervising Labor and Employment Officer
Rosalie C. Castaloni Senior Labor and Employment Officer
Athena M. Villagonzalo Senior Labor and Employment Officer
Honey Glaze M. Alipio Senior Labor and Employment Officer
Mikhail Rei Tigno Labor and Employment Officer III

Contact No.: 8527-3574 (Telefax)