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URWED Mandates and Functions
  1. Formulates policies, programs, standards, procedures, manuals of operation and guidelines pertaining to the promotion and protection of the right to self-organization, particularly on union registration, cancellation or revocation of union certificate of registration, of the rights and obligations of union officers and members, certification elections, union elections, referenda and other matters relating to labor union administration;
  2. Maintains a central file of unions and CBA registrations (public and private sectors);
  3. Registers public sector unions, workers’ association operating in more than one region, and federations;
  4. Issues certification of union status based on records on file;
  5. Provides opportunities for empowerment of workers and its organization through WODP;
  6. Assist in the bureau’s technical supervision over counterparts in regional offices;
  7. Analyzes data on labor organizations and CBAs in aid of legislative and policy formulation;
  8. Coordinates and maintains linkages with labor unions and other sectors or institutions concerned relative to labor union administrations;
  9. Establishes and maintains linkages with government and non-government agencies in its areas of concern;
  10. Provides technical assistance and supervision to Division’s counterparts in DOLE regional/field offices in the areas of concern and specialization; and
  11. Performs such other functions as may be provided by law or as may be assigned by the Secretary.

URWED Personnel

Marivic T. Villa

Chief Labor and Employment Officer
Roland C. Nobleza Senior Labor and Employment Officer
Lilibeth C. Sanchez Labor and Employment Officer III
Katrina D. Ramirez Labor and Employment Officer III
Raquel G. Romilla-Camaddu Labor and Employment Officer III
Christian B. Repato Administrative Officer III (Records Officer II)
Joseph C. Evangelista Statistician II
Celine D. Galdones Administrative Aide VI

Contact No.: 8527-2537 (Telefax)