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1. What is a Voluntary Code of Good Practices (VCGP)?

Voluntary Code of Good Practices (VCGP) refers to a set of Guidelines or a set of voluntary minimum standards on the social and employment aspects of the industry.

2. What can be covered under a VCGP?

A VCGP may deal with hiring and firing of employees; education and training; health and safety; enforcement of labor standards or improvement of working conditions; dispute settlement; social dialogue or in any area determined by the social partners (workers and employers).

3. What is the objective of a VCGP?

It is to allow the industry social partners to voluntarily self-regulate their engagement and for the government to assume a facilitative role.

4. How many VCGPs are there?

As of November 2013, there are 90 VCGPs developed nationwide.

5. What are the industries covered with VCGPs?

VCGPs have been developed in various industries, such as education, hospital, transport, broadcast, hotel and restaurants, tourism, security and janitorial services, business process outsourcing, banking, mining, construction, power, security, manufacturing, maritime, agri-business and wood.

6. Where can I find a copy of these VCGPs?

The VCGPs can be found at the following links: and