Philippine Standard Time:

Pursuant to in Administrative Orfer No. 476, series of 2010, Rule III (Solicitation and Acceptance of Gifts under the Code of Conduct for DOLE Officials and Employees) and Administrative Order No. 35, Series of 2014, entitled “Guidelines in the Implementation of the “NO GIFT POLICY’, the Bureau of Labor Relations as directed, displays the “NO GIFT – NO BRIBE POLICY” poster in its office, mainly on its entrance and frontline area.

The policy states that DOLE officials and employees shall not, directly or indirectly, solicit, accept, or recieve any gift and/or benefit for themselves or for others from the following:

  • Parties, counsel/s and their agents;
  • Recruitment agencies and their agents;
  • Suppliers, contractors and their agents; and
  • Other parties transacting business with the Department.