Philippine Standard Time:

As part of its Gender and Development (GAD) Program, the Bureau of Labor Relations hosted an Awareness-Raising Forum on Women-Related Laws for Women Leaders in the Private Sector on May 22, 2015 at the Labor Governance Learning Center (LGLC) DOLE Building in Intramuros, Manila. The event was organized by the Bureau of Labor Relations, under the workers’ enhancement and capability building component of the Bureau’s Workers Organization and Development Program (WODP).

The activity intended to enhance the knowledge of union leaders on legal aspects of women’s rights. It also sought to capacitate and guide women leaders with principles in policy formulation and work-related decision-making to advance women’s working conditions.

The activity brought together nearly thirty (30) women leaders and members of labor unions and workers’ associations in the private sector. Ms. Dianne Lyneth C. Alavado of Bureau of Working Conditions discussed pertinent laws, labor standards and social protection benefits for women workers.

The forum provided a platform for discussion of issues affecting full realization of women workers’ rights. It strengthened the awareness of women workers on existing labor laws and other rights of women which are integral towards the provision of social justice and decent work.