Philippine Standard Time:

Proactive BLR employees again joined the Freedom Run held at the CCP Complex in Pasay City on September 27, 2015 organized by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF).

More than 4,000 runners from government agencies, private citizens and civil society groups participated not only for health and fitness, but also made their voices heard as they shouted “I am Free from Corruption”.

The Freedom Run is part of FNF’s “It’s all about Freedom” campaign to translate the concept of freedom into everyday language. It combines running as a liberating sport and the substance of democratic education resulting to public engagement that spurs discussion, creativity and actions toward a unified goal: freedom from corruption.

At the heart of the Freedom Run is continuously creating a unique and accessible platform to gather like-minded people who are determined to improve governance in the Philippines.

FNF is a German political organization and has been working in the Philippines for 29 years to promote political reforms, human rights, rule of law, economic development, and political dialogue between liberal individuals and organizations.