Philippine Standard Time:

Primacy in labor education has yet again been manifested as the Bureau of Labor Relations engaged in the development of another milestone, which incorporates innovation as a tool for better and broader service delivery. In celebration of its 59th Founding Anniversary, the Bureau launched the “Interactive Employment Guide Module” on 18 January 2016 at the Bayview Park Hotel, Manila, in the presence of its partners in the labor, employer and government sectors.

Taking off from its predecessor and pioneer in the Enhanced Labor and Employment Education Services (LEES), the Bureau developed the “Interactive Employment Guide Module” which follows the original DOLE-LEES Character named Jerome as he understands more of employees’ and employers’ rights, obligations and relations in the world of work. The interactive feature of this new module is made possible with the use of the software ‘Adobe Captivate’, which effectively complements the original program used by the developers which is ‘GoAnimate!’.

As the name suggests, the “Interactive Employment Guide Module” is an improvement of the previous Employment Guide for Students and Jobseekers as it seeks to facilitate learning through fun and modern interaction with the online module. Through the use of technology, this program caters to a wide variety of clients particularly the youth, the bulk of which are students, fresh graduates and jobseekers, who still have much to learn on essential matters pertaining to labor and employment.

Four (4) labor representatives were requested to try out the module and all were able to answer the test questions and complete the challenges. In a brief exploration, the stakeholders expressed appreciation to the innovation in labor education. “The Interactive Module will be helpful even for the unions since it could serve as a ready material which could be used in seminars for workers,” commented Ms. Rosalinda Manabat, Philippine Trade and General Workers Organization (PGTWO).

Consistent with the thrust of its antecedent, the module tackles the wage employment option covering the normal job cycle ranging from job application to termination of employment.

With this new initiative of the Bureau, both the elements of accessibility and interactivity which are integral in affording effective and retentive labor education, are neatly attained for an even better service delivery to the benefit of the public.

END/Joycelyn A. Amazona