Philippine Standard Time:

The Bureau of Labor Relations conducted a Labor Sector Dialogue at the Labor Governance Learning Center (LGLC) in Intramuros, Manila on 03 October 2016.

Nearly eighty (80) participants comprised of labor leaders and members from the different labor organizations and federations participated in the dialogue-meeting. DOLE senior officials and members of the Technical Working Group (TWG) comprised of heads of Bureau of Working Conditions (BWC), Bureau of Labor Relations (BLR), Bureau of Local Employment (BLE), Legal Service (LS), Planning Service (PS), and Labor Communications Office (LCO) participated in the consultative meeting.

The activity aimed to solicit inputs and insights on the Win-Win Structure jointly proposed by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP).

Dir. Benjo Santos M. Benavidez discussed the win-win proposal for business and workers to end illegal contractualization and endo schemes. The proposal includes two options for workers, companies and service providers. The first option is for companies to directly hire the workers. The second option is for the service providers to be the workers’ employers to establish direct employer-employee relationship and to provide full benefits to the employees.

“We hope to find a consensus decision of the labor group, hence it should meet and come up with a unified position in the same way that the management and employer came up with a proposal,” Secretary Silvestre Bello III said.

Sec. Bello clarified that the proposal is not the standpoint of the DOLE. The Department only presented it because the management sector had presented their unified position ahead of the labor groups. He also thanked the participants for presenting their concerns and suggestions with regard to the proposal.