Philippine Standard Time:

The DOLE-Bureau of Labor Relations (BLR) for 2017 has approved the release of Workers’ Organization Development Program (WODP) training grant amounting to Php 1.2 million to three (3) labor organizations.

The Philippine Trade and General Workers Organization (PTGWO) was granted with Php 517,200 for three (3) trainings on Enhancing Skills on Trade Union Administration and Organization.

A grant amounting to Php 300,000 was released to the United Transport Workers Organization (UTWO) to be used for the two (2) sets of training, namely: 1) Financial Management, Productivity and Labor Relations Management and Basic Leadership Training with Workshop and Productivity and Labor Relations Management; and 2) Financial Literacy 101and Leadership Skills Development with Workshop.

The Federation of Free Workers (FFW) was granted with Php 421,050 for the conduct of four (4) sets of training, as follows: 1) Policy Conference on Collective Bargaining and the Implication of the New Policy on Contracting and Subcontracting Arrangements; 2) Seminar Workshop on Entrepreneurial Skills Enhancement for Women Workers; 3) Special Course on Trade Union Leadership and Skills Development; and 4) Special Course in Trade Union Financial Administration.

WODP aims to enhance the capabilities of labor organizations and their members in the areas of leadership, organizational development and management through the provision of training assistance and support.