Philippine Standard Time:

The Bureau of Labor Relations (BLR) and the Bureau of Local Employment (BLE) took part in the first Valentine’s Day convergence activity, which was organized and hosted by the Institute for Labor Studies (ILS) on February 14, 2023, at the BLR Conference Room. The offices crowned the new Mr./Mx or Ms./Mx Valentine’s Convergence 2023.



The first activity was “Match Your Heart.” Individuals from BLR, BLE, and ILS searched for their pair and introduced themselves to discover the three things they had in common and shared them with the group shortly after. Next was the “Toss the Ball” game, wherein each pair will choose a partner to throw the ball and catch it using a cup and a ping-pong ball. The pairs that weren’t able to catch the ball were eliminated from the game. The big group games ended with the “Kalamansi Relay,” where the five remaining players must use a spoon to move three kalamansi to the box at the end of the line. The team that finishes first wins the prize.



Representatives from each office also participated in other group activities such as Flip the Cup and Category game. Afterward, to satiate the hungry stomachs after the physical and mental workouts from the activities, a simple “salo-salo” was then initiated by the participating offices.



The much-awaited coronation started with the catwalk of the selected representatives from each participating office. The contestants competed in the Balloon Game and “Pinoy Henyo.” The winner from the games determined the worthy holder of the title of Mr./Mx or Ms./Mx Valentine’s Convergence 2023. After the extensive battle of brawns and wits, Ms. Franchesca Castillo and Ms. Rodene Francisco of the Institute of Labor Studies (ILS) were named the victors and are now the reigning Ms. & Ms. Valentine’s Convergence 2023.