Philippine Standard Time:

Director Benjo Santos M. Benavidez presented the labor inspection system of the Philippines in a symposium in Jakarta, Indonesia on 4-5 April 2017.

As a resource person in the Symposium on Strategic Labor Law Compliance in Indonesia through Labor Inspection System, Director Benavidez presented the shift in the labor inspection mechanism in the Philippines, from regulatory approach through the Labor Standards Enforcement Framework (LSEF) to a combination of regulatory and developmental approach through the Labor Laws Compliance System (LLCS).

Director Benavidez discussed the key features and accomplishments of the LLCS and the role of social partners through social dialogue in promoting compliance with labor standards and other labor laws and regulations to afford full protection to Filipino workers.

Nearly one hundred fifty (150) participants comprised of senior officials from the Indonesia Ministry of Manpower and other relevant government agencies, company representatives from key economic sectors in Indonesia, select national labour inspectorate officials from other countries, social auditors, and officials from the ILO attended the activity.

The symposium aimed to identify potential strategies, share ideas and experiences on innovations for better workplace compliance and encourage greater ownership, and involvement of enterprises and social partners towards ensuring decent working conditions and promoting a culture of compliance in Indonesia. It also featured presentations from other resource persons on other topics such as national reforms and strategies and the role and contributions of social partners toward improved labour law compliance.

The Indonesia Ministry of Manpower organized the activity in collaboration with the International Labor Organization (ILO) Jakarta Office and the Better Work Indonesia (BWI).