Philippine Standard Time:
On January 17, 2023, Mr. Roland C. Nobleza presided over the Bureau of Labor Relations (BLR) QMS Committee meeting for CY 2023 via Zoom platform. The agenda of this meeting is the re-composition of the BLR QMS Committee and BLR Risk Assessment Team (RAT), Updating of BLR’s Risk and Opportunities Identification and Evaluation Sheet (ROIES) for 2023, and the proposed revisions in QMS enrolled monitoring forms in relation to the comments of the recently concluded BLR Immersion of LR focal persons.


Atty. Juevanrey A. Narisma, Ma. Lourdes R. Villafranca, Marivic T. Villa, Roland C. Nobleza, Raquel G. Romilla, Salvador Jan D. Viterbo, and Charlie G. Rivas Jr. are present during the session. The committee discussed the immediate re-composition of the Quality Management System Committee and RAT since some of the core BLR personnel were transferred and explored other career opportunities last year.


Furthermore, the committee requested an immediate update on the Appeals and Review Unit’s request to delete the enrolled QMS process from the citizen’s charter and in QMS. Mr. Nobleza informed the committee that as per FMS’s response, the Bureau should formally file another deletion request.


LastLy, Mr. Roland C. Nobleza emphasized the significance of incorporating the feedback and recommendations from the participants of the recently concluded BLR-Technical Supervision Program Immersion 2022 in the Workers Organization Development Program (WODP) Monitoring Form and immediately facilitated its revision.