Philippine Standard Time:

The Internal Audit Service (IAS) of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) conducted its annual audit for Quality Management System (QMS)-enrolled programs of the Bureau of Labor Relations last March 24 and 27 2023.

In preparation, the BLR QMS committee, composed of the QMS Committee Head and Alternate, Process Owners, Document Control Officers (DCOs), and Internal Quality Auditor (IQA) attended the Entry meeting/conference to know in advance the objectives of the audit, become acquainted with the 2023 DOLE Audit Team, and confirm their commitment in the provision of information, records, reports and other documents related to enrolled process/es.



Mr. Marvin H. Cruz, IAS, and Ms. Honeylet D. Danao, Bureau of Local Employment (BLE), led by Mr. Claro Emmanuel M. Lavado from IAS initiated a detailed and comprehensive audit of BLR QMS-enrolled Programs (Monitoring and Evaluation of BLR Programs/Projects, Disposition of Appealed Cases, and Registration of Federation/ National Union/ Worker’s Association Operating in More Than One Region), Divisions’ Design and Development, and Operational Control.

The Bureau was able to satisfy all the necessary documents requested by the auditors. As a result, during the exit conference, the audit team only identified three (3) findings: two (2) good practices and one (1) Opportunity for Improvement (OFI), which were immediately complied with by the BLR DCOs.

The Bureau of Labor Relations stays committed to demonstrating QMS conformance and implementation to improve our programs and provide better service to our clients.



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