Philippine Standard Time:

The Informal Sector Unity Towards Empowerment (IS-UNITE), a compliant Workers’ Association operating in more than one region, held a two-day training course entitled “Effective Meetings-Parliamentary Procedure and Preparation of Board Resolution for Association” on 06-08 May 2023 at the Happy Homes Housing Cooperative in Tanza, Cavite.

This training aims to enhance the basic leadership skills of the participants on how to handle meetings effectively, by applying parliamentary procedure and increase the knowledge of new leaders in preparing board resolutions. It also provides an orientation to promote awareness with the programs of the Bureau of Labor Relations (BLR) and other inquiries concerning the protection of workers.

During the discussion, Ms. Mary Jasmin De Leon enumerated the rules and guidelines that govern the conduct of meetings and mentioned that meetings could become more successful by knowing and following these procedures.

Furthermore, Atty. Jorace Lampa provided an in-depth discussion on the essential parts and components of a board resolution and elaborated that the board resolution serves as official documentation of the board’s decisions as it provides a clear and written account of important matters, discussions, deliberations, and outcomes.


Raquel G. Romilla-Camaddu, Labor Employment Officer III from BLR discussed the reportorial requirements of workers’ associations, highlighting the importance of complying with the submission of reports.

She also shared the concept and objectives of the Workers’ Organization and Development Program (WODP) which serves as a facilitating mechanism for strengthening trade unions and other workers’ organizations and provides an opportunity for systemic learning and growth aiming at greater productivity, prosperity, and welfare to the employer, workers’ organization and its members and their dependents.

The training was attended by thirty-three (33) association leaders of IS-UNITE, including the secretariat. It is the third training of the workers’ organization since its registration with the BLR in 2018.

The WODP training for IS-UNITE is the first training grant approved by DOLE for FY 2023.




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